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Shannon County


The Shannon County Sheriff's Office believes in your Constitutional Rights and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have, regarding those rights.


Shannon County was formed in the mid-1800's, when a corn mill owner named James Franklin Morris built the first jail house and began serving as Sheriff and was soon elected as Justice of the Peace.


As the Civil War began to spread, it resulted in the destruction of our Courthouse, not just once, but 3 times, as well as a case of Arson, creating a daunting task of obtaining any remnants of historical records of the beginnings of the County, including the Sheriff's Office, by means of collecting (sometimes conflicting) information and documentation kept by locals.

Located in South Central Missouri, Shannon County expands the distance of over 1000 square miles, making it the 2nd largest county in Missouri.


It sits at the heart of multiple rivers, amongst thick forests, scenic trails and majestic cliffs, making it a major tourist destination for hunters, fishermen, kayakers, campers, hikers, bikers, trail riders, crafters, and scenic enthusiasts.


The tourism element drastically propels our typical year-round population of around 10,000 people, into the range of over 100,000 per year. This increases an unfathomable amount of responsibility of our, already short-handed Agency, to tend to the safety and needs of each one of those that call for assistance, as well as every event that needs guidance and security.

In a very large county, with a median household income at poverty level, it creates hardships, which also creates higher crime rates, which creates more work for Law Enforcement because of people's stress levels, depressions levels, and the struggle to survive.


So along with the typical routines of daily Law Enforcement duties, such as Court duties, Calls for Service, upkeep of vehicles and equipment, study, surveillance and tracking of multiple drug dealers, meth labs, and theft rings across the county, inspections, homicides, crimes against children cases, DFS assists, Civil Process services, lengthy research and investigations of active cases, Jail duties, report writing, assisting citizens, community policing and relations, classes, CEU courses, physical and firearms training, walk-in meetings, and much more; at a moment’s notice, we must set those responsibilities aside, to tend to a Mutual Aid/Agency Assist, or track down and rescue lost floaters on the riverbanks, de-trailed hikers, trail riders who have fallen off their horses and are injured and unsure of their location, Silver Alerts that have occurred in our area, or any other variety of surprises that happen in terrain such as ours. We must maneuver through dangerous elements of the deep woods to locate hunters who are missing or have been accidentally shot or sustained other injuries/wounds that come with extreme terrain, to provide assistance/treatment in locations that EMS cannot reach with their vehicles. We must be able to approach armed, and/or mentally disturbed, alcohol/drug impaired suspect. There are too many routine duties, and unexpected duties to list, that we have already experienced; much less the unimaginable that we just haven't encountered yet.


    However, recently, there has been a new zeal in all departments, implementing goals and starting new projects that have been in the works for several years, waiting for enough outside funding to accomplish them, to ensure that the people of this County see a positive and drastic change in the atmosphere, condition, and morale of each town, county-wide. It has become evident that positive results abound, reflecting in the current numbers of arrests, completed cases, the drop in drug and alcohol related offenses and more. In comparing to the 2016 records, statistics show almost double the amount of arrests, quadrupling of DWI stops and accomplishing the 1st DWI prosecution in our County, and more than 10 times the amount of busts for drugs and thefts.

    Due to cleaning up and repairing a damaged system and building, we had not even begun to implement a large percentage of the projects and goals we have in mind, due to limited space, funding and staff, yet we have seen an indescribable improvement in the atmosphere of the County; physically, structurally and even spiritually, with the things we have been able to do with our Community. This feedback fuels our passion to reach even bigger goals beyond just our Law Enforcement duties.

    We believe that we will see this county not only become more safe, beautiful, prosperous and full of hope once again, but we also believe we will soon be able to give back to those who have helped us, as well as to begin other programs to fund, support and assist the same type of endeavors, and inspire the surrounding counties to follow in our footsteps and improve their hometowns.

    Someone once said "I'd rather believe for a lot and get half of it, than believe for nothing and get all of it".


Shannon County Mo Sheriff's Office is believing beyond our borders.

If you are experiencing an Emergency, call 911.

For any other questions, please call 573-226-3615

or email us by clicking the link below!

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