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Employment Type
Only check the box, if your answer is YES.

If you have a resume, you may choose to continue filling out this form, or email the Resume directly to our Dispatch Supervisor at:
You must still submit this form, for the above listed information to be recorded, but do not need to continue with the entries below.
If you DO NOT have a resume, please continue with form entries.


List below:
Certifications/License #'s
Training Agencies & timeframe of Training

(ex: Drury University 2001-2003)
2 References for each Agency
Phone Number for Each Reference

I hereby certify that all statements and answers set forth on the application, are true and complete and I understand that if any statements contained, therein, are found to be false, I may be denied employment, or terminated at any time deemed necessary, after employment, for the safety and protection of the SCSO staff, the Jail population, the Courthouse staff, and/or the Community.
I understand that no promise of employment is being made at this time, and that this is strictly an application for employment, not a contract.
I understand that a full background/reference check will be made, including, but not limited to: residential, achievement, licensing, certifications, fitness, job performance, attendance, history, character, credit, driving, criminal history, and any other reference check that may be necessary, to show my qualifications and ability to perform the duties that I may be responsible for during my potential employment.
I understand that I may be asked to provide personal information for identification purposes, and other job-related benefits, to the Shannon County Sheriff's Office, and/or the Clerk's Office.


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